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Catalogue of 2009  programs

Counseling options

The Shelter offers three counseling options: Navajo Traditional; Western mental health; and Faith-based. All counselors and practitioners are screened and subject to a background check.  These counseling options are for residential and non-residential clients who meet the criteria of victims of abuse.  Call our office for an appointment.

 Faith-based training

Call Gentle Ironhawk Shelter's Faith-based council to host inter-faith trainings,   utilizing curriculum and multi-media presentations.  This training is free to any clergy or practitioner who commits to be on call  for counseling victims who want faith-based counseling; commits to be a part of an inter-faith roundtable for the Shelter; and undergoes a background check.  If you are interested, please call Willis at the office.

In-house legal department

Gentle Ironhawk Shelter has an in-house legal department.  The team consists of a full time paralegal, two attorneys, and legal advocates.  Our legal department will represent victims in  multiple jurisdictions:  Navajo Nation, Ute Tribal Courts, and Federal and Utah State courts.  Our legal team can represent victims in Protective Order, Divorce, Child Custody, and Consumer actions.  Call Meredith at the office for an appointment.

Court translator training

Gentle Ironhawk Shelter is looking to recruit and pre-screen Navajo and Ute speakers to enter the Utah Court Translator Program to become Certified or Approved Court Translators.   In Utah, to obtain court translator approval, a person must attend a one day training in Salt Lake City, undergo a background check, and observe 10 hours of court translation in any language.  Gentle Ironhawk Shelter Legal Assistance to Victims Program will provide resources for 4 persons to be trained each year.   If you are interested, please call Meredith at the office for more information.

Children’s summer camp

Children of Domestic Violence  victims are invited to participate in one week summer camps.  The children will participate in art therapy, work and play therapy, and receive  counseling.  If you are interested in this activity for your child(ren), please call the office for further details. 

Job openings

The Shelter maintains a roster of qualified candidates for advocacy positions.  If you are interested in these positions, come in and fill out paperwork for a background check, and application.  Applying for and serving as a volunteer may increase your chances of being hired at a future time.  Come in to apply.

Programs sponsored by the US Department of Justice, and Altria Group, Inc.