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 The Shelter’s Name “Gentle Ironhawk Shelter”

The Gentle Ironhawk Shelter, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation in Utah, was renamed in remembrance of two precious children, Dakota Ironhawk Black and Nicole Gentlehawk Black who were brutally murdered by their father in a domestic violence incident in September, 2000. 


The Gentle Ironhawk Shelter will honor and remember them by providing a safe place for a parent with children and act in the prevention of violence in other families.


     The mission of Gentle Ironhawk Shelter is to protect battered women of diverse cultures and backgrounds and their children by providing a safe environment where victims of domestic abuse can heal, be validated for who they are, be educated, receive western, traditional, and/or faith based counseling, identify resources in multiple jurisdictions, and break free from the cycle of violence and strengthen families. It is the only shelter within 100 miles of the target population, and has the only Utah-based Native American bi-lingual advocates. Gentle Ironhawk SHelter was incorporated with the state of Utah in 2000, and received it's 501 (c ) (3) designation in 2001.


In addition, Gentle Ironhawk Shelter provides a place which incorporates culturally sensitive architecture which enhances the following services with respect, honor and sensitivity to San Juan County=s diverse population=s values, heritage, culture and beliefs:

1) Safety: Gentle Ironhawk is a haven to heal and provides programs and resources that  aid in this process. 

2) Education: Gentle Ironhawk  promotes community participation in strong healthy families.  The Shelter  provides community education on domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and elderly abuse: their indicators and consequences; promotes traditional values, morals, and communication on these issues within the family and community. 

3) Prevention/ Intervention: Gentle Ironhawk Shelter provides resources which utilize strategies and best practices in prevention and intervention of violence triggers, ie. anger, disappointment, poverty, substance abuse, poverty, prejudice, etc.



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